Thursday, February 27, 2014

Playing With Illustrator: Flower Sketches and Prints

In addition to drawing by hand, I also have been steadily increasing the time I am spending on Illustrator and Photoshop. I have been totally inspired by Pattern Observer's blog and all the print designs she features! Experimenting with creating my own prints has been very new and exciting! I thought I would show y'all something fun I've been playing with. 

After sketching the flowers in Illustrator, I sent them over to Photoshop for a paint job.

I created a little bouquet of flowers and had some fun playing around with colors and adjustments.

I made the design into a repeat and brought it back into Illustrator to create the print! These are some different color combos and scales sizes I played with.

I finally landed on the fun graphic look below as my favorite!

It was interesting seeing how the print evolved and how many things I could create with a couple simple sketched flowers. This was a super fun, creative exercise that I learned a lot from. I can't wait to continue evolving and becoming better with computer illustration and prints!