Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crossbody Lovin'

Despite evidences to the contrary here in Minneapolis, the weather will eventually get warmer! When that happens I will be outside as much as possible. I am seriously lacking sun and warmth at the moment. 

When cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago in my wardrobe cleanse, I realized my favorite summer crossbody purse is not going to make it one more season. So with much sadness, I say goodbye to the old and start a search for the new. If I am super motivated, I will make one, but I haven't fully committed to that yet. Below are some cute bags that I love for spring/summer!

Crossbody bags

1. Zara ($29.90)
2. Fossil via Nordstrom ($88)
3. Loft ($44.50)
4. Patricia Nash via Nordstrom ($98)
5. Francesca's ($38)
6. Target ($19.99)