Monday, March 24, 2014

Illustration: J.Crew March 2014

The past couple weeks have been a lot of fun experimenting with different drawing styles and techniques - some that did not work out and will definitely NOT be seen on the blog. However, I did want to show a few process pictures of the piece I just finished.

drawing process

This is the starting pencil outline (which I think is the most fun to do). I will change proportions and lengths a bit until it looks as I want it to look. This drawing is from the J.Crew March 2014 Style Guide image below.

j.crew march 2014 style guide

Then I go into the inking stage. I like taking my time on this to add a little flair. Line weight varies to add dimension, and I decide if I want a high contrast piece or a low contrast piece. For this image I wanted it to look a bit more edgy than in the catalog, so I made her hair and the darkest shadows pure black.

inking stage

Usually, I have a hard time deciding how to color a drawing after the inking stage. For this drawing I decided to use colored pencil and a bit of marker. I am fairly pleased with the end result. =)

j.crew drawing