Thursday, March 6, 2014

On A Wardrobe Warpath...

Today I want to share with you some fun, clothing-related changes in my life!

In January I decided to assess my closet and clothes-buying practices. How can I have so many clothes and never something to wear for work? Or, I should say, something I actually WANT to wear? I decided the first step to figuring out my wardrobe problems was to put the kibosh on impulse spending (and every other type of spending).

The entire month of February I did not buy a single item of clothing - no jewelry, no shoes, nothing. I wanted to see (and wear) what I own in order to understand where my wardrobe was "malfunctioning." I also decided to do some research (like any good ex-high school debater) on the proper way to build a wardrobe.

Between working in the fashion industry and having a degree in fashion you would think that understanding what was wrong in my closet would be easy for me to figure out. Nope. Thankfully, I came across Into Mind. Into Mind is all about how to discover your own personal style and create the wardrobe that works for you. You really should take a look at this website - I learned so much!

As I started going through the blog posts, I began to understand what was wrong with my own wardrobe. I realized several things (that I will now share with you).

1. I have been holding on to too many old clothes that don't fit and are worn out! The shirt I loved in high school that has a sad coffee stain on it? IT HAS TO GO! The shirt that I just realized has a hole in it? It also has to go. I had to purge the ruined to see what is left to work with.

2. Just because I fit in the shirts I wore six years ago (and they are still wearable) doesn't mean I still need to wear them! Six years ago I was in high school. I have a real job now, and college happened in between! I don't need to wear old clothes because they still have "wear" left in them. Six years is enough of my love - it can now go to Goodwill for someone else to love.

3. I need to recognize that my style is different now because I am different now. As my life changes, my style and what I like changes too! AND THAT IS OKAY! What I want to wear is different because it reflects me as I am now. I am more grown up and have different likes and opinions, and my clothes should reflect who I am internally.
4. Part of the reason I am having problems is that I buy pieces of clothing because they look good on me (according to a shopping buddy), NOT because they are necessarily the style I want to portray. Just because it looks good doesn't mean I need to buy it! This leads to collecting pieces of clothing that I won't choose in the morning since it "just doesn't feel right" - and then your closet is full of random styles and mismatched pieces.

5. For some reason I am inclined to buy more (as in quantity) inexpensive clothes. I will buy two pairs of the less neutral "last season's color" pants, even though I realize I will get double the wear out of the black pants! It is better for me to invest in a few solid pieces - a nice pair of black pants, a nice pair of jeans, etc. than to have more bottoms that don't match my equally confusing last season's color tops. I look at my closet and wonder, "Where are my neutrals?"  The universe promptly answers, "They are all at the store, Morgan, because they weren't on sale. You decided to buy a pair of purple pants and green pants instead of spending more on the black pants that would have made getting dressed 100% easier." (Yes, the universe speaks to me like this. It is quite sassy.)

These thoughts are just the tip of my wardrobe iceberg. I am still wearing the clothes in my closet, no purchases yet. I am excited to pair down the quantity of what I buy and increase the quality of what I buy.

And if you want to get started on revamping your wardrobe, Into Mind has "A Quick Guide To Wardrobe Editing" that makes purging the closet simple and easy! 

Also, Pinterest is a great place for redefining your style and finding inspiration images. Go and make an inspiration board to shop with. It is the perfect way to make a more cohesive closet. See a peak of my board below!