Wednesday, April 2, 2014

$50 and Under Accessories

Under $50 Accessories

 I instantly fell in love with this Kate Spade's bangle when I saw it the other day. Usually bracelets say something about peace, love, and partying (or some such nonsense). I love having a saying that I want to apply to my life!

These J.Crew socks I picked up the other day when they were having a big sale. The price was still a bit steep, but they are so cute with the polka-dots! After just a few days, I realized their softness and comfort are worth every penny.

The Argo sneaker by Report is a great less-expensive option to some of the calf hair leopard print sneakers in the market (Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, and Ash all have $100+ versions). I like these because I can kick it around downtown and don't need to worry about ruining them. Macy's was having a sale the other day, so I got mine for $30.

Nail polish is so fun to wear - it is like letting your fingers get dressed up! I've been annoyed at how long nail polish takes to dry, and how fast it chips. This Seche Vite top coat works really well and drys lightning fast! My polish lasts several days longer, and the chipping has dramatically decreased.

Would love to hear of any under $50 recommendations from y'all!