Friday, April 4, 2014

Handmade: Leather Crossbody

I did it! I voluntarily took out my sewing machine for the first time since senior collection - I can't believe it has almost been an entire year! 

My recent post about crossbody purses motivated me to action. I had a purse I made last spring (pictured below) sitting in my closet. It had an unfortunate water splotch and some other issues that made it unusable. Sadness, right? =,(

Leather Bucket Bag

I decided to reuse the good parts of the leather to create a new purse! 

Here are some process images that are a little snapshot into my madness. I forgot how I lose track of the hours when I work - one moment it is nine and the next it is after midnight! Despite losing sleep, it feels really great to get lost in the creative process again.

Leather Purse Process

The end result is exactly what I wanted. I was a responsible leather purse owner by waterproofing it (water spots aren't going to kill this baby).

Handmade Leather Crossbody
Handmade Leather Crossbody