Thursday, May 1, 2014

8 Versatile Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe

Several weeks ago I posted about my desire to overhaul my closet, and be more intentional when making purchases. Recently, I have put my new knowledge and rules to the test! 

I went shopping the other day and found that I was significantly more picky when choosing what to try on. I saw several dresses and skirts that, before making my guidelines, I would have probably purchased. Now I look at clothes and ask all the right questions - Is this style me? Does it fit with my mood board? How will it work with what I have already in my closet? Can I wear this at least 3-5 different ways?


I couldn't say "Yes!' to those questions for a lot of the clothes I saw in the store, so I didn't buy them!

However, I have found some really great pieces that compliment what I already own, and can be combined into numerous outfit combinations. Below are eight great, classic pieces that fit my rules (and make getting dressed in the morning ten times easier)!

8 versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe

1. Gap knit dress 
2. Madewell denim jacket
3. Madewell pocket tee
4. Target sandals
5. Eileen Fischer ponte pants
6. J.Crew sweatshirt
7. Converse dainty lo tops
8. Target boyfriend jeans