Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blogs To Love

Hi All!

I decided to add a new feature to my blog! On the right hand side of the page you will see a list of "Blogs I Love" - I feel these blogs are value added to read on a continual basis. Some offer great outfit inspiration, some lifestyle and baking, while others offer insights and tips into their field of expertise (business, writing, photography, graphic design, etc). A few are my personal friends, and a few are people I want to be my friends (in a "let's get coffee!" way, not a creepy stalker way).

I will attempt to keep this list short (20 or under) in order to only promote what are the most relevant links that my readers will enjoy. This is obviously not the entire list of blogs I currently follow, if you want a longer list - email me!

To both alter AND paraphrase a line from Hello Dolly! - Blog links, like manure, should be spread around encouraging young things to grow. (Yes, I do play it fast and loose with quotes)

Please share your favorite links with me! I'm always up for following more bloggers!