Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interesting Links

Today I thought I would share links that are interesting, fun, and/or informative! I also am sharing a nice photo of a sunset (in case the post looked too boring).

(sunset photo = not boring)

Do you love language?

Interesting thoughts on language in our modern age.

One girl shows 100 years of fashion in photographs.

Tips from a guru on YouTube makes my life easier when switching up my makeup routine.

Apparently, garlic helps to get rid of pimples? Has anyone tried this?

A post-Olympic recap of why American long track speedskating was pants in 2014.

Some of my art was published in an online magazine.

Thanks to the NY Times I now want to go to Zanzibar!

Which reminds me of the Billy Joel's song... obviously about a club, not the archipelago. =)

Anndd Pancakes that are gluten free and delicious!