Friday, May 16, 2014

Trends: Acid Wash, Overalls, Birkenstocks

Yes. Really. Acid wash, overalls, and Birkenstocks are riding the trend wave. 1980's fans, farmers, and college professors now have their moment in the fashion spotlight. While I will probably not follow the acid wash trend (light denim and I aren't friends), and overalls usually don't work on my freakishly long torso, I have been scoping out some Birkenstocks. Or, as my textile teacher affectionately called them, "Birki's!" I'm all for comfort, and if comfort and fashion get married? I'm totally on board!

Below are some great trend inspiration boards I threw together thanks to Pinterest. Are you thinking of trying out any of these trends?

1. Acid Wash
2. Overalls

3. Birkenstocks

Hope you all are having a great May!