Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

I was recently tagged in a blog hop by Ashley from Brooks Editorial. Ashley is a writer/editor and personal friend of mine. Since I'm not a writer, I replaced the word "writing" with "creating" in the below questions.

What are you creating or working on?

Currently I'm working on several fashion illustrations. I have been pushing myself to try new techniques and go beyond my comfort zone. I continually remind myself it is okay if I ruin a drawing with experimentation as long as I'm learning and growing. I want my art to evolve and change over time.

Just this past weekend I painted a bunny rabbit for a friend. This was a first for me, but it turned out really well! I am excited to try a few new subjects in the future.

Outside of drawing, I recently created a leather purse (which I will feature on my blog soon), but sewing is definitely second in my heart to drawing.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

I think that art is so personal that no single artist is the same, but the way I would descrive my style is realism with a twist. I love a drawing that is true to life, but with pencil parks, over-saturated colors, or something that makes it look just slightly off. I'm probably not describing it well, but i'm an artist, not a writer!

How does my creative process work?

My creativity usually is an all-consuming need to create order in my life. All day my brain is crazy and chaotic, but drawing is the time when my brain quiets down and I feel at peace. When I get to my sketchbook and focus on creating lines and shapes everything is quiet and makes sense.

Part of the reason I love art is because I see it as a puzzle. I love problem solving, and art is less about the emotional side for me and more about putting the right pieces together to create what I want. I think this helps me look at my work objectively, which in turn makes me a better artist.

What other creative people would you like to introduce to your readers?

I have two friends that I already introduced to you all, but would love to hear about their creative/writing process.

1. Kate Hacker is an amazing writer, photographer, and real life BFF. I have introduced you to her photography before, but you should see her writing blog! Kate shares honestly and passionately about provoking topics.

2. Autumn Kovach is another real life friend who is the photographer for my outfit photos. She has two blogs Social Endeavor and Autumn Kovach Photography. She wears multiple hats, but they all look fabulous on her. Autumn is interested in better understanding the world and what makes people tick.

How does your creative process work?