Monday, November 10, 2014

Plaid On Plaid


Blazer: Merona (Target) | Pants: Merona (Target) | Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) | Necklace: Gift | Shoes: Converse (via Nordstrom)

I would like to tell you all about how I ended up with a plaid suit. I was just strolling through Target when I saw this fabulous blazer. I decided it needed to come home with me, but then something even more magical happened! I saw a rack of matching plaid pants! Surprisingly, no one at Target seemed to think that wearing them together was a good idea. One kind lady said, "You aren't going to wear them together, are you?" To which I replied, "Mayybbeee..." Of course, maybe meant "Heck Yes!"  While it might be a bit bold for some people, I like it! That is all that matters, right?

 Check back on Wednesday to see an outfit remix with these plaid pants!

[ Photo Credit: Autumn Kovach ]