Friday, November 21, 2014

Say Hello To Danielle!

Hello friends! As some of you know, my wonderful friend Autumn has moved to NYC to follow her dreams. I am so thrilled for her, but sad to say goodbye to such a good friend and blogging partner. Autumn was the biggest fan and cheerleader of The Otter Dance, and she was also the photographer extraordinaire behind my outfit photos. Since she is now halfway across the country, I needed someone to fill Autumn's very large shoes (not physically large shoes [Autumn has small feet]). Anywho. I would like to now introduce you to my new partner in crime.

Photo from Open Air Journal

Please give a warm welcome to Danielle Anderson! I met Danielle years ago when she married the cousin of one of my best friends. Danielle is a mom of three adorable little boys, has great taste in clothes, and is a truly gifted photographer. I am so excited to work with her! Go check out her website and her blog, and come back on Monday for an outfit post shot by Danielle!