Friday, February 20, 2015

7 Important Features In A Winter Coat

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Hello friends! So this week has been pretty chilly out for quite a bit of the country. In times like these it is nice to know that you have a coat that will keep you warm. After moving back to Minnesota two years ago, I realized that a winter coat was necessary for survival (especially with a walking commute to work). Now that I'm on winter coat #2, I realize that there are seven features you need to look for when on the hunt for the perfect winter "friend".

1. Make sure you are buying a coat that has down/waterfowl as the fill. Yes, down is expensive, but it is the most amazing insulator ever. You will stay toasty warm even with sub-zero wind gusts!

2. I can assure you that if you are walking around in freezing temperatures, you will want to have more than just your top half covered. I like my coat to hit at least my mid-thigh. You can definitely get a longer version if that is your scene, but at least go to mid-thigh because that keeps all the vital parts covered. ;)

3. Purchase a coat with a high collar. Make sure you can zip it all the way up to completely cover your neck (in case you are without a scarf). If it is cold you can pull the collar up over the bottom half of your face to keep the wind out.

4. The hood is also an important feature. Last year I had a hood with a faux fur trim, but had to hold the hood in place because the wind would constantly blow it off my head. This year I wised up and went with a hood without the trim, but with the elastic cord that you can tighten around your face. Sure, it isn't as fabulous looking, but now I can keep my hands in my pockets and my hood securely on my head.

5. Pockets that you can put your hands in! None of those fancy "decorative" pockets that you can't use. Make sure your gloved hands easily fit inside the pocket bags. It is also nice if the pockets zip so that when you take off your gloves inside you can store them securely in your pockets. Losing gloves is the pits.

6. Hidden rib cuffs are also an upgrade feature on my coat this year. If you don't have rib cuffs you will have air whipping up the wide openings of your sleeves. Wrist frostbite, anyone? Having a hidden rib cuff keeps the cold air out of the sleeves and your body heat in.

7. Last, but not least, is to not only have a zipper closure, but also a button placket on top of the zipper. It really does keep you warmer than just the metal zipper (which gets really cold). The placket looks great aesthetically, but is another way to say, "Wind, stay out!".

Hope these tips help you if you are on the lookout for a coat to stay warm! If you need a coat for next year, now is definitely the time to buy. Coats can be 50% off now  since stores are putting them on clearance to set new spring product.

What features do you look for in a winter coat? Anything you would add to this list?