Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finding The Right Fitting Bra

Okay ladies, time to talk about bras.
Lately I’ve been looking into specifics of bra fit and sizing, and I’ve realized there are MANY different opinions on “how to find your bra size”. Instead of wielding a tape measure yourself, I highly recommend going to a store and having a sales associate help you. This post is not about how to find your specific measurement, but how to decide if the bra you are trying on is fitting correctly.
1. Put the bra on

 Fasten the bra on the loosest hook. After time the fabric will stretch out and you will want to then move to the middle strap. If you are already fastening it on the middle or lowest set of hooks, it is too big.
2. Do the “scoop and swoop”

Take your right hand and insert it in your bra under your left arm. Scoop all the flesh that is sitting under your arm forward and swoop it up into your cup. Repeat on the other side. All the “fat” that is under the arm is usually just breast tissue that needs to make its way front and center.
3. Adjust straps to be comfortable

They should be tight enough to not fall off, but aren’t digging into your shoulders.
4. Is the band too tight?

You want the band to be snug, but you also need to be able to let your ribs expand and contract with your breath. When you take the bra off, do you see angry red marks? If so, you need a larger band size. If the cups are fitting  well and the band is too tight, ask the sales associate to get you a sister size.

Sister sizes are when you go up a band size and down a cup size, or down a band size and up a cup size. So sister sizes for a 34B would be 36A and 32C.
5. Is your band too loose?

Look in the mirror, is the band riding up in the back? Can you easily pull the band more than 2 inches away from the body? Are you using the straps to hold the bra up? Your bra band should be carrying the MAJORITY of your weight (as in 90% or so of the weight). If you are relying on your straps, your band is too loose.
6. Are your cups too small?

The bra band and underwire should be lying flush against your ribcage. An easy way to check this is to get your makeup compact mirror out and hold it under your bra. Can you see part of the underside of your boob? If so, your cups are too small.
Your cup is too small if you are experiencing spillage on the sides near your underarms. Again, this is not to be explained away as “armpit fat", that is breast tissue that needs to fit inside your cups. Are you experiencing spillage in the front of your bra? You all know when you see someone that looks like they are having four boobs, that isn’t attractive. Your cups are too small.
Another way to tell if the cups are too small is if your gore (the fabric between the two cups) is not lying flat against your chest. There should not be any space between your skin and the gore. If there is it is because your cups are over capacity and are lifting it away from your body.
7. Are your cups too big?

This might be the case if you are experiencing gapping. This is where your breast tissue isn’t filling out the top of the cup. If you look down and see that the edge of the bra isn’t lying flat against your skin, you need to have a different cup. It might look fine when you are standing with perfect posture, but when you sit down it can become quite apparent.
Make sure your cup isn’t collapsing. There is nothing worse than feeling like you need to stuff your bra with Kleenex to get the cup to stay the right shape. This isn’t high school, people! Your cup should not need “tissue enhancement”. =P
8. Are you wearing the right style?
For someone with shallow breasts (less breast tissue on the top). I recommend a demi or a balconette.
For someone who has larger breasts, a full-coverage bra might be best. Some brands even sell seamed cups to give maximum coverage that a regular cup might not provide.
The most important thing you can do is go, spend the time to try on bras, take your chosen bra home and wear it without removing the tags. You would be surprised how an hour of wearing a bra can really tell you whether to keep or return it.
I hope this list helps you find the perfect fitting bra for you!