About Me

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Morgan, and I began The Otter Dance on a whim after relocating to Minneapolis, MN last fall because I wanted an outlet to share my creative pursuits. The Otter Dance is about art and fashion, my two loves.

In my outfit posts you will see a blend of masculine and feminine styles and fabrics. I love to find unique items I can mix and match with basic wardrobe pieces. My desire is not to be trendy, but timeless.

My illustration is focused on fashion, travel, and portrait art. Experimenting with new techniques and styles, I am constantly pushing my self to grow and expand artistically. I love to get comments and emails - tell me what you want me to post about, ask me a question, or just say hi!
Random Facts About Me:

I am a coffee drinking, book reading, running obsessed artist.

I have a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.

I am an INTJ. 

I believe in the Oxford comma.

I am on a relentless pursuit to balance my perfectionist personality with my creative passions.

I love Indian food!